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Sculpture on 73rd Avenue is proudly exhibiting sculptures from its third year program.  This annual, grant-funded sculpture-on-loan program was designed by SWAG to enhance the character and texture  of the South Westminster community.


      The Seven Sculptures from the 2012-13 third occuring year include:




Play Ball by Damian Radice


I am a lifelong resident of Colorado growing up in a rural neighborhood near Grand Junction.  I spent my childhood exploring the bank of the Colorado River and the dessert beyond.  As far back as I can remember I wanted to be an artist. In 1973 I completed my associates degree in art at Mesa College, in Grand Junction.  I am an all around artist who enjoys working in bronze, fabricating steel, as well as clay and oil paints.  I still believe that drawing is the fundamental base of an artist.

Price:  $4995


 Price: $ 6800  resurgence

Resurgence by Chris Hecker

Resurgence is an accumulation of lost objects that were previously thought to be of no use or value to those who discarded them.  The sculpture is intended to celebrate second chances and the beauty that can come from it.  The fire extinguishers create a 8 note wind chime that ring in random order depending on movement from the wind.



    iconicessenceIconic Essence by Sue Quinlan


Sue Quinlans work explores how artifacts can help people connect with universal human experience and explore its personal meaning. Her fusion of cultural icons illuminates the connection we all share, including our joys and struggles with ubiquitous events like birth death and human relationships. These same ideas have compelled people Through out time and were frequently expressed through their art. Sue’s use of artifact imagery reminds each of us of the many constants in the human drama.


Price: $ 2,500 







Perplexity by Tim Gates

Although reminiscent of a butterfly, the inspiration  for this piece was actually a meandering stream in circuitous tranquility . The stream has been a  reoccurring theme  in my work as a metaphor in life's journey


Price: $11,000 




Mobius by Richard Ferguson

A Mobius is a two dimensional mathematical shape twisted into three dimensional space. There is only one “side”; if you  follow the surface of the strip it goes all the way around, with no “inside” or “outside”. Similarly a Mobius has only one edge. I have always been intrigued by the Mobius and it’s shape.

This fascination and sometimes obsession with these wonderful flowers continues unabated to this day, providing inspiration for artists, gardeners and collectors everywhere.

 Price: $3,900.



High Hopes II

Georgene McGonagle is noted for her eclectic work creating life-size children to stylized animals, finding a unique delight, a spirit in her sculpting, which is reflected in her work. She feels that by creatively using her heart, as well as her hands, she can contribute to the enjoyment of others.

 Price $ 7,500











projectionProjection By Maureen Hearty

Projection is a flower built from scrap steel with intricate plasma cut designs on the petals. The  flower gracefully balances on a projecting triangle as if the flower were bring projected out into the world.

As humanity developed and became civilized, they needed more goods, more services, more things, and because they demanded more things, people needed a way to bring these to them and to take others away. Born was the pipe infrastructure.  All kinds of pipes doing all kinds of things. I got to thinking one day - what if some people got caught in the pipes centuries ago?  What would their society be like?  What would these people look like?

Price: $3,000


20% of all proceeds from sales of Sculpture on 73rd Avenue sculptures will be returned to the program to fund further development of the program through the purchase of additional sculpture pedestals and artist honorariums.

 2012-2013 Sculptures will be on display and for sale until October 15, 2013

Sculpture on 73rd Avenue initially came together with the help of funding from Westminster’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program, which provided a $2,900 grant to pay for the 3 steel sculpture pedestals.  This annual City grant program provides funding to neighborhood groups for streetscape projects which improve the appearance and quality of life of individual neighborhoods within the city.  In addition, the City partnered with SWAG in applying for funding through the Colorado Creative Industries, Grants to Artists Program, which awarded the City with $2,000 for 3 artist honorariums of $500 each for the selected sculptures, as well as funding to market the program. 

As part of the grant award from CCA, SWAG agreed to include a community outreach aspect to involve the public in the selection process for the 3 sculptures to be chosen for installation for a one-year period.  Twenty submittals were received for this year’s program from eleven different sculptors. SWAG hosted a community open house in June and the public submitted votes and comments on their favorite submittals.  Over 213 votes were cast along with many positive comments about the sculptures and the program.  Based on the response from both artists and the community, the City of Westminster’s Community Development Department invested an additional $3800 into the program to double the original plan of three sculpture bases and honorariums to six.  The decision to invest further into this program at the beginning was to give it greater chance of sustainability in future years.  Twenty percent of any sculpture sales will go back into the program to pay for the following year honorariums.  It is the belief that serious art buyers will be more inclined to drive to Westminster to shop from a larger display of sculptures.

 The final sculpture selection was made by jury taking into consideration the public comment survey; however the choices settled on in the end were selected because they offer a variety of different mediums and were works that were thought to inspire the audience to participate and study.  They were also thought to appeal to a variety of age groups.


 Our Grant Funders:
The City of Westminster Neighborhood Enhancement Program
The City of Westminster Department of Community Development
Colorado Creative Indurstries (formerly Colorado Council on the Arts)

C&C Welding of Arvada, who created the sculpture pedestals, will offer their services in-kind to assist with welding the sculptures in place on their bases.





























































Sculptures from the 2010-11 Sculpture on 73rd Avenue program will be on display in the park adjacent to the Rodeo Market Community Arts Center located at 3915 W. 73rd Avenue in Westminster until September, 2011. 


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