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2011-2012 Sculptures

Sculpture on 73rd Avenue is proudly exhibiting sculptures from its second year program.  This annual, grant-funded sculpture-on-loan program was designed by SWAG to enhance the character and texture  of the South Westminster community.

SWAG is pleased to announce that the sculpture "Patient Warrior" by artist Christopher Romero was purchased through the SO73A program this year by the City of Westminster.  Patient Warrior will remain on display as part of the collection, which we hope to grow each year.  SWAG intends to apply for future funding that would assist in the purchase of a new piece from each year's collection of selected sculptures.

      The Seven Sculptures from the 2011-12  second occuring year include:



Converse by Sue Quinlan

My sculpture is focused on creating a world of fused artifact imagery.  As we incorporate diversity into our lifestyles, we enrich our own world.   The submitted piece, Iconic Essence II, is a column inlaid with images of numerous different cultures in a circle that symbolizes infinity.   It is made of steel andwhite concrete with a rust patina.

Price:  $3,000.



 Valmora by Kevin Robb


 As dynamic and spirited as ever in their composition, bringing life and energy to the spaces they occupy, Kevin’s sculptures provide beautiful and timeless snapshots of individual moments impossibly suspended in time. These free-flowing sculptural expressions in stainless steel are distinguished by their smooth, graceful edges and seamless metal intersections, revealing the high caliber welding involved. Bringing life, energy, and beauty to the spaces they occupy, Kevin’s sculptures work equally well in intimate settings and larger public environments.

Price: $14,000.  







Silver Glider by John King


I make large, tower mounted kinetic sculptures for parks and commercial areas.  The wind creates complex organic motion in my work.  They seem to come alive. The purpose of the work is to delight.

This piece, "Silver Glider" is a horizontally flying creature that swims upstream in the wind and then tumbles back downstream.  It is a living creature somewhere between a dragonfly, a praying mantis and a goose.  Visitors who walk near its nest find themselves relating as they might to a large elk standing in the city park or on the street corner.

Price: $20,000. 



Gotcha by Bobbie Carlyle

I had my youngest child model for me at age 12. He had a comic book and a watch and timed me for two 45 min. sessions. He's now 6'2", in the navy and stationed in Spain directing military pilot air traffic. So this piece is a moment in time, a great memory.


Price: $18,500. 



Blooming Pink Amaryllis Bulb by Sharles

Flowers and small wildlife have been the inspiration of all my art, paintings and sculpture.  This life long fascination with colorful gardens and flowers began with playing in my grandmother’s extensive gardens.  Helping with the garden was not work, but enjoyable childhood experiences that most of my collectors can easily relate to with similar memories.

I was totally fascinated by the brilliant colors, shapes, forms and the changing season.  The colors in particular have been a major influence as both my painting and bronze art is known for the use of lots of color.

The dramatic, oversized, magnificent flowers of Amaryllis bulbs that looked like escapes from a magical fairy tale garden easily caught my attention, imagination and passion.  These unusual tropical flowers have had the same effect on the public ever since their introduction to appreciative Victorian flower collectors.

This fascination and sometimes obsession with these wonderful flowers continues unabated to this day, providing inspiration for artists, gardeners and collectors everywhere.

 Price: $5,900.


William's Secret Garden by Pokey Park.

My sculpture “Williams Secret Garden”, is a portrait of my son at the beginning of his life journey when he was still locked in his non-verbal world.  And the “Magic” was his quiet trusting, observant personality portends for the future.

My youngest child William had a language all his own.  Until he was three his verbal communication was severely limited, therefore I became aware of his quiet intent observation of people and all the domestic and wildlife around our house.  William developed a close bond with a huge orange rabbit, Harvey, who lived at his pre-school.  When we’d bring Harvey home on the weekends they were inseparable, with an obvious communication between them, a magical silent trust and sharing.   I read “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett, as a young girl.  A book about friendship, determination, and perseverance, about the healing powers of the mind.  A book about a locked garden where the roses, though neglected, were not dead.  As the garden blossomed, so too did the children who worked there.  Once the garden was revived, the children came to recognize its tremendous strength and power.  Although they labeled this power “magic’, they recognized that magic works “best when you work yourself”.

When I began this sculptural portrait of William, I remembered this book and his first animal love, Harvey.  There exists a parallel: William blossomed with his connections to animals and nature.  His “magic” has come with self motivation, observation and hard work   He has certainly transformed his life with the “magic” and joyously affected the lives of others.

Price: $15,500

This is Living by Damian Radice.

As humanity developed and became civilized, they needed more goods, more services, more things, and because they demanded more things, people needed a way to bring these to them and to take others away. Born was the pipe infrastructure.  All kinds of pipes doing all kinds of things. I got to thinking one day - what if some people got caught in the pipes centuries ago?  What would their society be like?  What would these people look like?

Price: $6,500







Download the 2012 Sculpture on 73rd Avenue Brochure.

20% of all proceeds from sales of Sculpture on 73rd Avenue sculptures will be returned to the program to fund further development of the program through the purchase of additional sculpture pedestals and artist honorariums.

  2011-2012 Sculptures will be on display and for sale until September 6, 2012.

Sculpture on 73rd Avenue initially came together with the help of funding from Westminster’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program, which provided a $2,900 grant to pay for the 3 steel sculpture pedestals.  This annual City grant program provides funding to neighborhood groups for streetscape projects which improve the appearance and quality of life of individual neighborhoods within the city.  In addition, the City partnered with SWAG in applying for funding through the Colorado Creative Industries, Grants to Artists Program, which awarded the City with $2,000 for 3 artist honorariums of $500 each for the selected sculptures, as well as funding to market the program. 

As part of the grant award from CCA, SWAG agreed to include a community outreach aspect to involve the public in the selection process for the 3 sculptures to be chosen for installation for a one-year period.  Twenty submittals were received for this year’s program from eleven different sculptors. SWAG hosted a community open house in June and the public submitted votes and comments on their favorite submittals.  Over 213 votes were cast along with many positive comments about the sculptures and the program.  Based on the response from both artists and the community, the City of Westminster’s Community Development Department invested an additional $3800 into the program to double the original plan of three sculpture bases and honorariums to six.  The decision to invest further into this program at the beginning was to give it greater chance of sustainability in future years.  Twenty percent of any sculpture sales will go back into the program to pay for the following year honorariums.  It is the belief that serious art buyers will be more inclined to drive to Westminster to shop from a larger display of sculptures.

 The final sculpture selection was made by jury taking into consideration the public comment survey; however the choices settled on in the end were selected because they offer a variety of different mediums and were works that were thought to inspire the audience to participate and study.  They were also thought to appeal to a variety of age groups.


 Our Grant Funders:
The City of Westminster Neighborhood Enhancement Program
The City of Westminster Department of Community Development
Colorado Creative Indurstries (formerly Colorado Council on the Arts)

C&C Welding of Arvada, who created the sculpture pedestals, will offer their services in-kind to assist with welding the sculptures in place on their bases.





























































Sculptures from the 2010-11 Sculpture on 73rd Avenue program will be on display in the park adjacent to the Rodeo Market Community Arts Center located at 3915 W. 73rd Avenue in Westminster until September, 2011. 


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