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Debbie Teter 

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Debbie is a resident of South Westminster and joined SWAG in 2009. She holds a BS in Marketing and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Metropolitan State College in Denver. She has a fondness for the arts as she had originally pursued a fine arts degree before switching to a business major.  Debbie is the National Sales Manager and Marketing Director for an equipment manufacturer in Englewood Co. In addition to her work experience, she was active on the board of the Colorado American Marketing Association from 2009-2012. Debbie brings a diverse background of marketing competencies to SWAG with experience in online marketing strategies, market research, public relations, event planning, publishing and communications to name a few.

Carol Cooper

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Carol Cooper a Westminster resident for thirty-three years. She is a graduate of Front Range Community College, Metro State College of Denver and finished her education with her masters in Art from Regis University. She has been involved with the development of art in Westminster since 1991. In 2006 she was introduce to a group that would become known as swag.  In the last five years she has taken a more active role by joining the art gallery, first known as the Harris Park Art Co-op and is now the a showing artist at The Rodeo Gallery, Second in serving her community by working hard to bring art to the people. She is an art teacher for Denver Public School and has developed and award winning art program at her school. She continues to serve the board as co-chair and looks forward to helping her community embrace and join in the arts and festivities that the SWAG board promotes.

John Zeaphey - Treasurer

Kaati Ross - Secretary

Terri Balogh

Darci Alishouse 

Charles Dottson


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